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Android 15’s Second Beta Release Introduces Private App Lockdown Feature

The second beta of Android 15 brings some exciting new features, including a private space function that locks down access to certain apps, customizable vibrations for notifications, and richer widget previews.

Released alongside Google’s ongoing developer-focused I/O conference, the latest version of Android 15 has now entered its second beta phase. This update introduces several interesting features, such as the ability to hide a collection of apps inside a “private space,” which is secured by biometric authentication or a PIN, and customizable vibrations so you can distinguish different types of notifications without checking your phone.

The private space function is particularly noteworthy: it allows users to conceal apps they don’t want others to see within a locked container in the app drawer. This feature is part of several new security enhancements coming to Android.

By leveraging Android’s user profiles, private space also hides notifications and files created or downloaded within these apps. For example, one could lock away all their dating apps into a private space to avoid receiving match notifications at inconvenient times.

Another cool feature is the ability to set custom vibrations for incoming notifications. Now, users can distinguish between a Slack or Teams message and an Uber Eats delivery update just by feeling the vibrations, without needing to take their phone out of their pocket.

For developers who enjoy creating widgets, there's a new rich widget preview feature. This allows users to see a more accurate representation of a widget before placing it on the home screen. For instance, when viewing the Widget Picker and selecting a contact card, users can now see an actual contact from their address book in the preview instead of a placeholder.

The second beta release of Android 15 also includes other notable additions that were not present in the relatively straightforward first release. This newer version is compatible with more devices, including foldables and tablets from manufacturers such as Lenovo, Realme, Honor, Xiaomi, Oppo, Nothing, and others.

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